Hardware Post Installation Satisfaction Survey Template

Once a hardware product is purchased, one of the best practices to evaluate customer satisfaction is to send across a hardware post installation satisfaction survey. QuestionPro post installation satisfaction sample questionnaire offers editable questions which can be used to obtain information about whether site preparation instructions were provided in time, were the instructions straightforward or did they require assistance, timely delivery of hardware product as promised, guidance for on-site installation etc. This questionnaire example has been prepared by industry experts and also includes questions about frequency of usage, customer satisfaction levels after installation, likelihood of product recommendation to evaluate whether the hardware product installation was successful or not.

Please select an option, which best represents your opinion, for each of the following statements.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Site preparation requirements were provided four (4) weeks before delivery.
The preparation instructions were easy to understand.
The site was ready for installation.
Installation was scheduled at my convenience.
The machine was delivered as scheduled.
The order was delivered complete
(i.e. no components or peripheral devices missing). .
Electrical connections included the correct plug.
How often do you use [PRODUCT/SERVICE]?
Overall, how satisfied are you , with [PRODUCT]?
How likely are you to purchase [PRODUCT] again?
What recommendations would you offer for improving [PRODUCT]?

Why conduct a Hardware Post Installation Satisfaction Survey?

An error in product installation can definitely lead to a dissatisfied customer as it is the first stage of contact with the customers. By sending across a hardware post installation satisfaction questionnaire, customers can provide feedback about what exactly cause displeasure to the installation experience.

  • Organizations can take note of what went wrong in the majority of the customers’ installation cases. By doing so, improvements can be made to address customer pain points and increase satisfaction and retention.
  • Understanding brand shareability and customer loyalty is important for the betterment of an organization. This can happen by including a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question that helps you understand whether customers will recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues.
  • Small and big organizations strive to achieve accuracy with every product installation which is a great start to a customer journey and if this journey is taken care of, it can prove to be a greater source of income for the organization. Customer expectations keep building post-purchase and all your endeavors should be channelized towards making sure you fulfill all their expectations.

Best Uses of Hardware Post Installation Satisfaction Survey

  • Sending across a hardware post installation satisfaction survey via Email or embedding it on the company website ensures that customers know the level of professionalism the company has to offer and that they will leave no stone unturned to make the post-installation journey better.
  • Implementing the suggested feedback will significantly increase the chances of greater customer loyalty as customers will witness the degree of efforts your company puts in to maintain customer satisfaction from the very early stages of this relationship.

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