University Bookstore Online Survey Template

University Bookstore Online Survey Template offers questions to determine products and services to be offered. QuestionPro questionnaire sample includes questions about factors that prompt an online purchase, occasions on which online purchase is usually done and other information about the online university bookstore.

How many online purchases have you made in the last month

What is your most important consideration when shopping online from a university bookstore?
When you purchase books from a university bookstore, you purchase for (check all that apply):
What are the top two [PRODUCT CATEGORY/ SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP]sites you visit the university bookstore?
Before starting this survey, how familiar were you with the [WEBSITE NAME].com university bookstore website?
How did you hear about [WEBSITE NAME].com (check all that apply)?

How many times did you visit [WEBSITE NAME].com over the last month?

How beneficial is the idea of a [PRODUCT/SERVICE] university bookstore website to you?
Which of the following items would you be interested in purchasing from [WEBSITE NAME].com? (check all that apply)

Given the above selection, now how beneficial might [WEBSITE NAME].com be to you?

If you were buying a gift, which of the following would you consider? (Check all that apply)
How many purchases have you made at [WEBSITE].com university website over the last year?
How would you describe your experience visiting [WEBSITE].com?

Do you have any comments or suggestions for [WEBSITE].com?
Your gender?

Your marital status?

How many children do you have living at home?

How old are you?

How many years since you were a student at [UNIVERSITY NAME]?

Have you been or are you now a continuing education as a student?

What is your current browser?

Primarily from what kind of computer system do you access the internet?
Any other suggestions or comments?
For whom do you primarily shop for online?

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