Digital Marketing Activities Survey Template

An organization’s website plays an integral role in all the digital marketing activities. This survey template offers questions that can help you in acknowledging the need for a website to purchasing a domain name to developing web hosting services, this sample survey questionnaire contains questions to collect answer from respondents about these aspects. As technology progresses, digital marketing activities have gained momentum and are largely responsible for driving small and large scale businesses. All the key stakeholders of an organization are now interested in designing effective digital marketing strategies because an appropriately designed digital marketing strategy can not only improve your website signups but also lead to a boost in sales. After getting inputs for these sample questions about the role of respondent in website services of their company, questions about company budget for web-related activities, information about website domain and online purchase of website services can be asked.

1. Which of the following best describes your position within the company?
2. In which state is your office located?
3. Including yourself, how many employees work at this location?
Which of the following categories can your firm be classified under?
5. Please select the range that is closest to the approximate annual sales for your company, at this location in [YEAR]



7. For each of the following areas listed, please tell us if your company purchased this service in the past 6 months and if that purchase was made on-line.
We did not purchase
this item at all
Purchased item...
but not online
Purchased item...
Developing a Website
Registering a domain name
Web Hosting Services
8. How much would you estimate your company spent in the past 6 months on the following web related activities (at this location)?
Did not purchase
Don't Know
$1,500 to $5,000
$5,000 to $10,000
$10,000 to $25,000
$25,000 or more
Developing a Website
Web Hosting Services
9. For each of the following areas listed, please tell us if your company plans to purchase this service in the next 6 months and if you plan to purchase on-line.
Will not Purchase
Will purchase but not Online
Will purchase Online
Not sure
Developing a Website
Registering a domain name
Web Hosting Services
10. Which of the following best describes your company's website?
11. How satisfied are you with the overall quality, look, feel, and functionality of your website?

Why conduct a Digital Marketing Activities Survey?

  • Traditional marketing activities are not catching up with the pace of technological advancements, due to which digital marketing has become a reliable medium for valuable results.
  • A digital marketing activities questionnaire includes questions about demographics of the organization, whether they require a new domain name, focus of an organization on online activities etc.
  • The primary focus of this sample survey is to understand an organization’s efforts towards website building activities.
  • Building an efficient and user-friendly website requires a significant amount of research as in most cases, a website is the first point of contact with customers. Estimating requirements of website services is an integral step while designing a website.
  • This survey template contains questions such as: “For each of the following areas listed, please tell us if your company purchased this service in the past 6 months and if that purchase was made online.”, “How much would you estimate your company spent in the past 6 months on the following web related activities (at this location)?” or “Which of the following best describes your company's website?” - which are instrumental in acknowledging the scope of website and develop an effectively-functioning website. On the basis of answers to these questions, a well-thought and impactful website can be built.

Best Uses of Digital Marketing Activities Survey

  • Design a website according to the business of the client, industry category, budget for website and other such factors.
  • Effectively design a website according to customer requirement.
  • Developing a website requires registering a domain name and other web hosting services. Understand what are the customer specificities of these aspects.

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